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March 15, 2014

San Francisco

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Like Sand From Orchid's Lips:

1st Edition (Photography)

TasteTV is a food channel and food network with Food Video, Fashion Video, Recipe Video, Restaurant Video, Wine Video, Chocolate Video and an Online Community.
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cooking show
chocolate recipe


The Art of Fragrance


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Time Presentations and Demos

“The Elixir of Love -
How Fragrance and Chocolate Seduce the Soul”

What smells and tastes arouse instincts which, throughout history, have inspired poetry, prose and provoked “dangerous liaisons"! In this fun & interactive presentation we will explore the implications of scent and taste with the
sensual use of  "stimulants" in perfume and chocolate.
Hilary R. Randall
Fragrance Consultant
En Voyage Perfumes

About Hilary Rayvis Randall
Fragrance consultant, educator, corporate trainer, and professional chef, patissiere. She assists individuals from all cultures to define the “self” through scent, and to that end, serves to educate and inspire those willing to take the fragrant journey with her!


“Your Scrubber is My Holy Grail: Individual Differences in Olfaction”:

This interactive presentation will explore the genetic, neurobiological, and psychological basis of why each individual perceives the same perfume differently. It will cover basic information on olfactory receptors and specific anosmias, the ways in which olfactory information is represented in the brain, and the cognitive factors that determine how we organize and interpret that information. Some of the scents that are used as examples will be made available for sniffing and discussion.

Ellen Covey
Owner and Perfumer
Olympic Orchids Perfumes

About Ellen Covey
PhD in neurobiology of chemical senses and psychology: Duke University
Current position: Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle


"Getting Intimate with Lavender"

Insights into growing and distilling unique lavender cultivars for essential oils used in perfumery.

Mesha Munyan
Owner and Perfumer
Meshaz Natural Perfumes

About Mesha Munyan
Recognized authority on lavender essential oils, having 17 years experience as a lavender farmer and distiller in Sequim, Washington. Her passion has taken her to France, Italy, England, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Morocco to study and teach. Meshaz Natural Perfumes was launched in 2013 and was honored to receive gold awards by judges at Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon.

2:00 "Why is Scent So Personal?"

Why is scent is so personal? An informational chat that includes differences in olfactory systems, individual perceptions of scent, differences in skin, and how scent is altered by an individual’s biology.
Lisa Fong
Owner and Perfumer
Artemisia Natural Perfume

About Lisa Fong
Natural perfumer for 12 years, natural perfume instructor, and student of Mandy Aftel.



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